Embedded Systems by H&D Systems

Embedded Systems

An embedded system consists of a microcomputer, software, sensors and actuators. The microcomputer, which is embedded in surrounding technical systems, takes over tasks such as control, regulation or monitoring of the system.

The embedded systems are characterized by minimal cost, small footprint and power consumption, and a small memory area of the microcomputers.


Embedded Systems

We offer you technical consulting and development of software and hardware in an industrial environment. All printed circuit boards are developed and unbraided in-house, even in small quantities.

Our fields of activity in detail include:

  • Design and implementation of systems for the equipment of machines used e.g. in industrial production;
  • Conversion of existing machines with PLC to machines with an embedded system
  • Consulting and costing
  • Circuit development and design service
  • Development of customized µC modules
  • Evaluation, Prototyping & Series Production
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