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I- Handle - "We have the innovation under control".

What is innovative about a handle?

Actually nothing, because tools have had handles since primeval times. Even in today's assemblies, devices and assembly aids must be moved by means of operating handles.

If control functions shall be carried out via a handle, it is inevitable that a switch must be installed or mounted.

If there is a requirement that various control functions must be mounted to an operating handle, this puts a considerable strain on the convenience and ergonomics of the handles, especially since control switches, which are often mounted, were not intended initially.

This led to the fact that in many cases handles had to be retrofitted to control handles and operating handles afterwards.

Safety aspects were often detected too late, as for example that a control handle requires an enabling switch, i.e. a two-hand safety release is necessary.

We have bundled many requests and wishes together. This has resulted in a completely new generation of operating handles.

The i-handle

The result:

  • One handle with over 100 different mounting and implement combinations
  • The i-Handle can be equipped with a wide variety of switches and adapters as required
  • The control handle has an integrated enabling switch
  • A two-hand safety release can be implemented without any problems
  • The i-handle remains slim and has no interfering edges
  • Unnecessary functions can be omitted

Our i-handle has become an innovative product due to many unique features.

In order to make effective use of the entire range and variety of applications, we have developed a "Selection Guide" as a configurator.

New: Handle Configurator

With our newly developed configuration menu you can "build" your own handle with just a few clicks. Switches and switching functions which are not required do not need to be clicked.

When clicking on the required switches, the switching symbols are automatically shown and visible in the display. If your i-handle corresponds to your wishes, the final price will be displayed automatically and therefore inquiries will not be necessary any longer.

Our handle configurator saves you time and money!

Further Pictures

The following equipment options are available:

  • Option 1 - Handles in different versions
  • Option 2 - Mounting adapter
  • Option 3 - Mounting Wip - switch
  • Option 4 - Switch/button long side
  • Option 5 - Switch/button front side


Customize your i-Handle according to your needs:

go to online configurator

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