Nut Magazines HPC-4

HPC-4 High Performance Compact

  • Pin nut coding via RFID
  • Parameterization via PC program
  • For manual mounting tasks
  • High protection against mix-up

Far-safe socket wrench change with screws

A problem zone in zero-error assembly are those workplaces where different screw connections have to be tightened with the same screwdriver, i.e. the socket wrenches have to be changed accordingly. This can lead to mix-ups and thus to incorrect screw connections. Until now, mechanical aids and different slot configurations were the only way to prevent this.

With the "HPC-4" we have now succeeded in developing a more elegant solution.

It doesn't matter where which socket wrench was stored, because the screwdriver control no longer corresponds with the slot, but only with the socket wrench itself. This has its own ID, which is read by the key magazine via transponder without contact.
During its programming, which is carried out using the teach-in procedure, it is determined when which socket wrench is due with which tightening parameters. Up to 16 different socket wrenches and 127 parameter sets are possible in master/slave operation, whereby one socket wrench can be assigned several parameter sets. The programmed sequence in the assembly sequence, which is subsequently managed by the HPC-4, determines which parameter set is activated when.
An LED indicates the required socket wrench to the operator. During removal, the screwdriver control activates the corresponding parameter set as programmed. If the operator removes the wrong socket wrench, the screwdriver blocks. If the programmed screwdriving sequence has been processed correctly, the system sends a complete o.k. to the higher-level control system.

  • Power supply 24V
  • Connection to screwdriver via digital I/O
  • Operation as master and several slaves possible
  • Connection to PC via RS232 interface for parameterization


Intuitive, modern user interface and user guidance
Simple parameterisation and creation of assembly sequences

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