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Safe socket wrench change during screwing.


Error sources during screwing due to wrong bit inserts

One source of error in quality screw connections is unintentionally wrongly tightened screws.

The danger of confusion is particularly high where different screw connections have to be tightened with the same screwdriver, i.e. where the socket wrenches have to be exchanged accordingly.

The use of so called bit selectors or nutcases are often helpful, but they invite to mix up the slots.

Based on the fact that each slot in the socket wrench magazine is assigned to a screwdriving parameter, i.e. torque range, incorrectly stored sockets are the gateway for incorrect screw connections.

An example should deepen the problem:

An incorrectly stored socket wrench is inserted in slot no. 1. When the wrench is removed, the torque range of 25 Nm is activated in the screwdriving system for this slot. Since the incorrectly placed socket in slot no. 1 is only suitable for screws of 5 Nm, the screw connection is overstretched.

The only way to make the individual sockets in the socket quivers unmistakable is to use mechanical coding. This means that due to its outer shape a socket wrench only fits in one place of the socket magazine. These possibilities are complex and expensive.

Even different color codes from socket wrench to the slots, are not unproblematic.

All socket wrench magazines and socket wrench holders known to us have the potential for confusion.

A perfect problem solution through the use of FRID transponder.

To ensure the sockets in a socket magazine or socket quiver are unmistakable, we have taken a different approach.

We have equipped the sockets with a transponder. The transponder is firmly embedded in the socket holder and is described.

This socket wrench corresponds with the screwdriver control. It does not matter on which slot this socket wrench insert is stored in the socket wrench magazine or socket wrench quiver. When removing the socket wrench, the screwdriving parameter programmed on the RFID is immediately activated. The signal transfer works contactless.

A wrong screw connection is therefore completely impossible.

Our FRID socket wrench quiver and more ...

Due to our many years of experience, we have further developed our Selector Magazine so that we can control and monitor complete screwdriving programs and processes as a special solution.

The performance and comfort of the screwdriver control can then be greatly reduced.

The screwdriver control only needs to evaluate the current screwdriving case as o.k. or n.i.o.

All other conditions that belong to a bolting case are taken over by our FRID magazine.

Almost all screwdriver controls known to us can be easily equipped with our Selector magazine.

Please ask us for more information.

Properties of the Selector

  • Socket coding via RFID
  • Parameterization via display and keyboard
  • For manual assembly tasks
  • High protection against mix-ups
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