Nut Magazines Socket wrench holder with transponder

For socket spanners with built-in transponders, ISO standard socket inserts are used which are provided with a hole. The coded transponders are glued into this hole and are no longer visible from the outside. Thus, wear of the transponders is excluded.

The stability of the socket wrench holders is not affected by the built-in transponders.
The listed socket wrench holders Fig. 1 to Fig. 5 are standard products. We can also equip other socket spanners with transponders on request.

ModelDriveOutputLengthArticle No.
Fig. 17/16’’ hex5/16'' hex70 mm 400 189 
Fig. 2 7/16’’ hex1/2'' square70 mm 400 190 
Fig. 3 5/16’’ hex5/16'' hex70 mm 400 191 
Fig. 4 5/16’’ hex1/4'' hex70 mm 400 192 
Fig. 5 5/16’’ hex3/8'' square70 mm 400 193 
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