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Since the foundation of the company in 2007 2007 we have been dealing with system solutions in the field of microsystems / electronics. Our declared goal was to develop intelligent components with the field of application between screwdriving technology and peripheral equipment.

This consistent expansion has meanwhile led to a quite extensive product range, which represents our own line under Embedded Systems .

With the distribution of these products and the experience we have gained, we have gained an impeccable reputation with our customers, and we believe that success is only achieved if you take care of customer problems in their entirety.

We "take care" and  can fall back on this experience to a deep knowledge of the various screwdriving systems.  In the meantime we have developed new products with which we have broken new ground.

With new ideas

With new materials

With new design

We thus deviate in many cases from the standards customary on the market. As one of the few companies we do not have our own screwdriver program in our portfolio. We see this independence as a great advantage. We remain flexible and have to adapt to the most diverse challenges.

Our principle:
We supply precisely fitting components for screwdriving technology

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