Control Handle S-Handle

Control handle (s-handle)

In the automotive and supplier industries, many customers have to move loads precisely to one position. This is especially true in the assembly area where, for example, large and heavy multi-spindle drivers have to be moved into exact positions. This requires precision handles which can move the loads quickly or slowly depending on the pressure.

Fast movement is achieved by applying more pressure to the control handle. Weaker pressure on the control handle slows down the movement of a load. When the control handle is released, the load stops. The electrical signals of the DMS strain gauge precision handle are processed directly by a chain hoist.

The chain hoist finally moves the load upwards and downwards. The traversing speed is infinitely variable due to the use of the DMS strain gauge precision handle. A swinging-up of moving masses and loads is avoided.

Advantages of the control handle:

  • The control handle guarantees an infinitely variable traversing speed of the load. Time advantage when using the precision handle, as the movement of the load can be retrieved at the exact speed required.
  • Elimination of operating keys for moving loads, e.g. multiple screwdrivers.
  • Easy familiarisation as the traversing speed only depends on one hand movement.
  • Cost-effective installation of the control handles.
  • The ball head allows many degrees of freedom of the precision handle to be set.
  • Various buttons, switches and EMERGENCY OFF can be integrated in the handle.
  • An ergonomic rocker switch can be optionally attached to the handle.

Fixing the handle

The precision handle as a ball head that allows an ergonomic position adjustment.

Assemble your control handle according to your requirements:

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